Good bye, WoW… Hello, Wildstar!

Dear, WoW.

It’s not me, it’s you. I know we have spent a lot of time together the past years and I’m sorry that I have to unsubscribe from you now.

I think we have done everything together, and I no longer find you any fun. I know I’ve been with other games during this time, but I have never unsubscribed to you before.

Don’t worry, I will return… When you have changed and we can have fun together again.


– Kind regards, Batinna.



Well, ok, I don’t feel like this is a big deal. Maybe because I’ve only been playing WoW for like 1,5 years. And I’ve also been playing a lot of other games during this time.

But, well, it’s time for me to try something new, and I don’t have the money to subscribe to two games at the same time. Ofc I’ll return to WoW when the new expansion pack gets out, but in the meanwhile I’ll level my Human Exile on WildStar!

I was lucky enough to get a Guest pass from Rinike! Thank you so much! I’m now planning to buy the game when I get enough money, it’s a very nice game!


I am currently level 13, and I level my toon with Sicarios. (He got addicted too.) Well, I’ll probably write a longer post about WildStar another time, now I’m more tempted to level my toon 😀

Here’s some screenshots instead!









I don’t have a screenshot of the coolest animation in-game, the Level Up-animation! It’s really amazing, and it makes you wanna hit a new level right away! 😀 Haha.

I’ll try to get one to my next post about WildStar. See you soon!



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