Good bye, WoW… Hello, Wildstar!

Dear, WoW.

It’s not me, it’s you. I know we have spent a lot of time together the past years and I’m sorry that I have to unsubscribe from you now.

I think we have done everything together, and I no longer find you any fun. I know I’ve been with other games during this time, but I have never unsubscribed to you before.

Don’t worry, I will return… When you have changed and we can have fun together again.


– Kind regards, Batinna.



Well, ok, I don’t feel like this is a big deal. Maybe because I’ve only been playing WoW for like 1,5 years. And I’ve also been playing a lot of other games during this time.

But, well, it’s time for me to try something new, and I don’t have the money to subscribe to two games at the same time. Ofc I’ll return to WoW when the new expansion pack gets out, but in the meanwhile I’ll level my Human Exile on WildStar!

I was lucky enough to get a Guest pass from Rinike! Thank you so much! I’m now planning to buy the game when I get enough money, it’s a very nice game!


I am currently level 13, and I level my toon with Sicarios. (He got addicted too.) Well, I’ll probably write a longer post about WildStar another time, now I’m more tempted to level my toon 😀

Here’s some screenshots instead!









I don’t have a screenshot of the coolest animation in-game, the Level Up-animation! It’s really amazing, and it makes you wanna hit a new level right away! 😀 Haha.

I’ll try to get one to my next post about WildStar. See you soon!


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Liebster award


I’ve been nominated by 3 lovely people for the Liebster Award. Thank you so much Rinike, Mr and Mrs WoW and Syrco for the nomination! I feel so honored! 🙂


You may wonder what the Liebster Award is? Well, here is a quote from Rinike’s blog.

“Well, it is only an AWESOME award given to up and coming bloggers. Given by other up and coming bloggers. It’s a cool way to find other blogs and feel like you are getting into the blogging stratosphere. It is simple, you get nominated by someone else, mention their page and a link to their blog in your Liebster Award Post, answer the 11 questions they give you, then tag 11 other nominees and give them a new set of 11 questions to answer.”



Here’s the questions from Rinike:


Q: When and why you started blogging?

A: I was a bit unsure about this question. My first blog, or my first gaming blog? Well, I can’t even count how many blogs I’ve had on one hand. I don’t even remember :p I guess I started because everyone of my friends got one, and it was fun to share pictures of whatever we did together etc. I started this gaming blog because it’s so fun to share stories from WoW and other games with more that 140 letters. It’s fun to go back and remember things I did then. Like an open-diary 🙂 Haha.


Q: If you would be stuck in an elevator and could pick any person (alive, dead or fiction) to be with you, who would it be?

A: Oh, definitely Batman! No argue about that. Haha.


Q: What do you listen while playing?

A: Most of the time just the music that is in the game. But sometimes I listen to my own playlist which is a mix of some old music but most of it is from the top list :p


Q: What is your fandom (if any)?

A:  Stories about batman, maybe? :p


Q: What colour is your toothbrush?

A:  It’s pink atm :p Dunno why :p


Q: If you would have to choose, what animal you would be?

A:  I guess I would be a cat :p


Q: Would you rather go about your normal day naked or have smelly breath and body odor for the whole day?

A:  I really dislike people that smells, and do nothing about it. But it would creep me out if I was going around, acting normal but naked. I would feel even more dirty then, so I would rather be smelly I guess 😦 :p


Q: What was your first computer/console game?

A: Super Mario ofc 😀 On the old Nintendo console :p So fun! I could play for hours trying to beat my friend in that pvp place :p


Q: PC or console?

A:  PC!


Q: What in-game (from any game) feature you would like to have in RL?

A: Be able to die and then get back to life again, that would be great! :p lol


Q: Are you casual or hardcore gamer?

A: Casual. I would never have time or energy to be hardcore :p


Thank you for the questions and Nomination, Rinike! ^^ Please visit her blog, here!



Here’s the questions from Mr and Mrs WoW:


Q: How long have you been blogging?

A: This blog? Around one year 🙂


Q: What’s been the highlight of your blogging career so far?

A: Uhm, I guess the Blogging Challenge I made, Dress Up. (LINK)


Q: Which has been your favourite WoW expansion and why?

A: I have only played Mists of Pandaria, so that must be my favorite so far :p


Q: Which is  the most popular blog post you’ve ever published? Link it!

A: The first post I made on Dress Up 🙂 (LINK)


Q: If they were to remove flying from WoD, would you quit? If so, for how long?

A: Uhm, no. I understand it, it would be too easy to quest if the flying was allowed. I bet most of people would just rush through it and level to 100 in a couple of days. It should take some time, so you would be able to experience the 90 to 100 leveling. Anyway am I a big fan of using the Flight master :p I do that more than flying myself, lol. (I’m so lazy)


Q: What is your favourite thing to do in a group in WoW?

A: Oh, hard to choose. I would say the Fun Raids! 😀


Q: Link your favourite transmog item and some info on where to get it.

A: My helm, or should I say eyepatch on my Hunter. Malefactor’s Eyepatch, you can get it as a reward for the quest named Showdown.


Q: Does your significant other play WoW? If so, do you group together often? If not, why not?

A: Yup! He does. Yeah, we play together all the time. WoW wouldn’t be even close to the same without him!


Q: What is the last nice thing you did for a stranger in WoW?

A: I grouped up with a couple of strangers and we killed some rares together 🙂 Very nice people! Even got some new Battletag friends 🙂


Q: What other MMO’s do you play?

A: RIFT and The Secret World. Haven’t played it for a long time, but guess I will try it again later 🙂


Thank you for the questions and Nomination, Mr and Mrs WoW! ^^ Please visit their blog, here!



Here’s the questions from Syrco:


Q: When did you start playing WoW and why?

A: I started early in 2013. I didn’t really want to start gaming again, because I know how addicted I get to games when I enjoy them. Sic (my BF) just started gaming it again, he had a long break but wanted to try it. I remember how mad I got when he wanted to spend hours in front of the computer gaming, instead of watching movies with me (LOL!)

Suddenly he just made me a character on his Battletag. He made me try it, and I really liked it. After this I made my own, named it something silly just to try the game some more. Then I was addicted, lol.


Q: What was your first computer/console game and what do you remember from it?

A: Super Mario. Played on this old Nintendo console. I remember the PvP place, that you could start a battle against your friend. One played Mario and the other played Luigi. :p


Q: If you were to enter the costume contest on BlizzCon, what would your costume be?

A: Maybe the CP Priest gear right now, I know it looks the same like the one from a season ago, but I like that they’ve changed the colors. It’s so cool 🙂


Q: What is your best WoW memory?

A: Leveling my Rogue! That time we only had fun, exploring the game for the first time. Doing loooots of PvP and really enjoying it! That was amazing! 🙂


Q: What’s the most “noobish” thing you’ve done in WoW?

A: Playing rogue xD It’s hard to learn it without looking noobish, and I’m too lazy to that :p


Q: Do you play any games besides WoW?

A: Right now, none actually.


Q: When did you start blogging and why?

A: I was a bit unsure about this question. My first blog, or my first gaming blog? Well, I can’t even count how many blogs I’ve had on one hand. I don’t even remember :p I guess I started because everyone of my friends got one, and it was fun to share pictures of whatever we did together etc. I started this gaming blog because it’s so fun to share stories from WoW and other games with more that 140 letters. It’s fun to go back and remember things I did then. Like a open-diary 🙂 Haha.


Q: Is there any piece of advice you wish someone had given you before you started blogging?

A: Uhm, can’t think of any right now.


Q: Is there a blog post you’re particularly proud of?

A: Uhm… Proud, that’s a strong word :p Well, I guess I’m happy and proud of the blog post with my comics in it :p It was meant to be fun and I guess some people liked it? 🙂 (LINK)


Q: What is your favorite WoW secret (hidden place, pop culture reference, easter egg)?

A: Uhm, I’m not sure tbh.


Q: Which zone or area in WoW reminds you of where you’re from and why?

A: Jotunheimen, maybe. :p The nature looks the same, and the name, lol.


Thank you for the questions and Nomination, Syrco! ^^ Please visit her blog, here!



I nominate these bloggers:

LillMe | The Life of Lill

Sicarios | GamePortal

PriestClass | Class – The adventurse of a priestoholic

Salvira | Miss Salvira’s Hangout



The questions:

1. What’s your favorite game?

2. How often do you game?

3. Do you prefer to go to a party or game in the weekends?

4. What is your dream job?

5. Have you ever postponed cleaning to game instead?

6. What is your favorite NPC?

7. Favorite thing to do on Timeless Isle?

8. Do you play both factions, or only one? Why?

9. If Blizzard announced that it would be no more World of Warcraft in the end of the month, what would you say?



Have fun! 😉

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Hunter mogs


Sorry I haven’t been writing anything lately. Been really busy with school. I actually wrote a post about that, and that I’ve played World of Warcraft for 1 year! But I never published it. I will probably do it later, but now I’m gonna focus on mogs!

I LOVE mogging! That’s one of the reasons I keep playing WoW. Blizzard recently gave free level 90’s if you pre-ordered Warlords of Draenor, the new expansion-pack that will be released this year.

I wanted either a Mail-user or a Plate-user to be the free level 90. (Because I don’t have 90 Plate-user or Mail-user yet.)

I’m not a big fan of melee, so I chose a Hunter to be my free level 90. I just have to say that it’s so fun to have a hunter! I would never believe it would be this fun. But now I’m off track again, back to the mogging!

Of course I had to find a couple of nice mogs for my hunter. I always look for cheap mogs at the AH, do some lowbie quests that gives the items or raids. I like to mix items together to be a fab mog, and I spend almost every gold on AH for a new cool mog. I change it too often, that’s for sure!

Well, so far these are my favorite mogs on my Hunter:


Isn’t this mog just gorgeous? Found it ‘cheap’ on AH. This is the mog I used in the header as well. The items I used:

Ranger’s Chain of Unending Summer

Hero’s Breastplate

Ravager’s Mantle

Chief Brigadier Leggings

Chief Brigadier Gauntlets

Chief Brigadier Boots



Lovely mog I got cheap on AH, except the boots that I got from a lowbie quest in Netherstorm. The items I used:

Battleforge Armor of the Boar

Blood Knight Greaves of Stamina

Warmonger’s Gauntlets of the Wolf

Battleforge Shoulderguards of the Bear

Duro Footgear

Blood Knight Girdle of the Falcon



My current mog, almost a full set! I’ve got it all cheap from the AH, except of the chest that I got from a rare. The items I used:

Lord’s Legguards of the Wolf

Lord’s Girdle of the Whale

Lord’s Boots of the Falcon

Lord’s Breastplate of the Wolf

Marauder’s Gauntlets of Strength

Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Chain Spaulders


It’s so fun to finally be able to mog a Mail-user! Now I only miss a Plate-user to mog, haha. I guess I need to start leveling a Death Knight, soon!

Next up is my Priest mogs! Please leave a comment if you have any cool mog to suggest.

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Updated My characters

..or I’ve finally made a “My characters” list for my WoW toons.

It is about time! Took me a while because WordPress doesn’t wanna cooperate! It doesn’t support <br>-tags when editing the page in “Text”, I even tried to do it inside the <code>-tag, and sometimes the “& n b s p ;” (spaces) gets erased…

That is freakin’ annoying!!!!!

Had to remake the page two times to make it work… Bah.. Something THAT simple.

Sorry for complaining about the WordPress’ CMS and talking in HTML language, I just get so frustrated.



Well, you can read about my characters, here! 🙂 It’s also a link in the menu 🙂

I added most of the characters, even the ones I haven’t played for a while or haven’t really tested. Easier to update when I finally gonna level them :p


FYI. <br>-tag means a line-break in HTML language, and & n b s p ; (without the spaces) means the same as a space.

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L2Read, Batinna!

One of my biggest issues when gaming is… THAT I HATE TO READ! I really dislike it and I find it really boring.

I wish I was one of those that could spend my evening reading the Harry Potter or The Hobbit books, but all I can read without getting bored is blog entries. I’m never gonna read a big book, I don’t have the patience to do that. Not at all.

I like the story of for example World of Warcraft, but most of it I know from the tiny movie clips and Sicarios. Not by reading the story.

But how can that be your biggest issue in games, you may wonder… Well! When you really dislike reading like me and you’re leveling your toon, you will find it extremely boring to read all the quests. Sometimes I just accept the quest, and just follow the map without knowing what I’m exactly supposed to do. Because 50-100 quests a day, it is like the size of a small book!




So it can be a bit tricky sometimes when questing. I’m just happy I got my Sicarios, so he can save me from all the reading. At least most of the time, haha.

I remember with my first toon, Batinna. She’s a blood elf, rogue that I loved to PvP with. The only problem was that I didn’t really read what my abilities could do. So it was more like a guessing game for me when I was fighting the enemies in a battleground. Surprisingly I got some killing blows during the battleground.  But, when I’m thinking about it now… I was such a noob.




And I’m pretty sure all the other players also though so. But what did I know? I didn’t even know what I was doing. Haha.

I hope my noobish experience made you laugh a little. I’ve got much better at actually reading the quest, (Yay me!) and I know all my abilities on my Druid and Priest. Sadly I got bored of being a rogue, so I still don’t know Batinna’s abilities. But maybe I’ll get back to her someday.


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Happy New Year!

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year!

Take care of yourself and make sure 2014 will be LEGENDARY! (Atleast awesome :p)


I’m off to bed!


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What’s your New Year’s Resolutions?

Hey all!

Today is the last day of 2013, have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet?

I remember the first time my dad explained to me what New Year’s Resolutions is. I remember he helped me make mine on the computer and printed it out to me so I could hang it on the wall and remember it. Had a problem with keeping it, tho. Hehe…

Well, I’m really interested in YOUR New Year’s Resolutions! So if you feel like sharing it in the comment field, please do! 🙂


Well, time to write mine.

Of course I could add all the things I promise myself to keep every year (Like most people do), get healthy, start working out everyday, no nicotine, etc.. All these things are very hard to keep, so I’m not gonna even try to add it to my New Year’s Resolutions this year.


Here is my resolutions:

– Not to spend all my gold on mogs in WoW

– Do more LFR so I can get the Legendary cloak!!

– Study hard and get GOOD grades

– Be a better cook

– Blog more

– Write more articles at GamePortal

– Make the Dress Up! summary video IN TIME!

– Stop misuse the words, awesome, nice, amazing, sucks, so freakin’ much!


I don’t have more to add. If I add more I’m afraid I can’t keep it :p

So, please share your New Year’s Resolutions if you have any! 😀

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