Alt Appreciation – #HunterWeek

Thanks to Laeleiweyn for the brilliant idea! Too bad that I missed the past weeks (especially because Druid is one of my favorite classes) but I’ll give it a try anyway!

Alt Appreciation

Captrixa, my Hunter, is one of the many toons I leveled with RAF. I wanted to try all the classes, but in the end I got really bored. Captrixa is a level 38, Blood Elf at this time.

The main reason that I chose to level a Hunter is the awesome pets and the inspiration I got from Sicarios leveling a Hunter with me when I leveled my first toon. I loved his pets, and the different abilities from pet to pet. I loved flare, and so much more. It was really awesome to see him playing a Hunter. But then I leveled Captrixa, and with RAF I didn’t have the chance to get good gear, I leveled too fast. And I didn’t have a chance in battlegrounds. Then I got kinda bored, and I didnt play Captrixa anymore 😦

Of course I had some great time with Captrixa. I loved to tame new Hunter pets and match them up with Battle pets and name them with funny names. That was really fun!

Hunter week - Captrixa

This is Captrixa and my pets. Cheetah Cub and Rawrness (Okay, I know that’s a silly name :P)

I’m too busy leveling another character (without RAF this time, hehe) at this moment, but I will probably keep leveling Captrixa in the future and get good gear. Because Hunter is really fun! But it’s not one of my favorite classes.

See you again next week!


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2 comments on “Alt Appreciation – #HunterWeek
  1. mrandmrswow says:

    Haha I love matching the pets too! The spectral porcupines make a good pair 😀 I think you should backdate the previous posts you know, I wanna be nosy :p

  2. Batinna says:

    Yeah, it’s really fun to match Battle pets and hunter pets together 😀

    Yeah, maybe I should 😀

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